Invisible World

The invisible World

In which world do we live? What of it do we see? And what of we see is familiar to us? But what of we see do we recognize? We see many things, but not always we look at them. But do we only see what our eyes catch? Or do we also see with our mind?

There is this voice we hear from this small device. This voice is familiar to us, but we don’t know where this voice comes from. Is it just a digital simulation, or is there a real person talking to us? Yes, the voice comes from an invisible world.
And what about the messages we receive from such a voice? Do we believe in what we hear?

Yes, the cognition is a way to explore the world, not only with our eyes. Or what about knowledge? In science for example, a lot of what we know is not visible.

[to be continued]

last update: 09.04.2020
published: 09.04.2020

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